Where’s my blogger tribe?

One of the reasons I decided to restart this blog is because I wanted to make new friends. I swear I’m not some lonely creep–I have a pretty full life and good friends in nearby DC. Some here, but not many I can truly call my own.

I figured that while Baltimore is a small city, it’s still a city, and there had to be a bunch of people with blogs here. That turned out to be sort of true, but most seem to be either health and fitness-related (look how many miles I ran!) or fashion and beauty-based (here’s my daily outfit picture!).

Not that I have a problem with these blogs, but these aren’t really my people. Me and exercise are in an on-again off-again relationship, and I’m not willing to eat quinoa and make hamburger buns out of cashews because they’re better for you. If something is healthy and tastes good, okay, but if I’m eating a burger, I want it surrounded by actual bread. Preferably brioche, but that’s irrelevant here. When it comes to fashion, I’ve sort of given up on my work wardrobe–it’s usually a season-inappropriate dress that I wear with a cardigan, tights, and flats. I have no idea how to accessorize aside from my nana’s super cool old ring and a pair of earrings, and while I wish I could do better, I don’t worry about it.

There are a few food-centric blogs out there, but most of them either haven’t been updated since 2011 or feature recipes that use sweet potatoes or winter squashes. They’re usually healthy, too. Where are the people who spend an hour reading restaurant menus before going out for a meal and aren’t afraid to give Tapas Teatro a two? I’M LOOKING FOR YOU GUYS.

If this were a personals ad, this would read:

ISO food lover who appreciates well-executed plate of nachos as much as dynamite steak tartare. Must be young professional with conversational skills and sense of snark. Beverage appreciation a plus.


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