It’s the holidays

Which is blatantly obvious, unless you don’t leave the house or watch TV.

I grew up in a half-and-half household–while I’m technically Jewish (had a bat mitzvah, etc.), we also celebrated Christmas with my dad’s side each year. My mom wouldn’t let us get a tree or put up lights (not even blue and white for Hannukah!), but I think one year she let me hang Christmas ornaments on curtains and doorknobs around the house.

Since my grandparents on my dad’s side passed away, and my dad did too, we don’t do Christmas anymore. I always loved eggnog, twinkle lights, the ham and mashed potatoes at dinner, and opening presents on Christmas morning, but there isn’t much of a point to it anymore.

This year, I’m driving to Pittsburgh to spend the holiday with my boyfriend’s family. While it won’t be the same (lack of eggnog, I’m betting, and possibly more neurotic family members), it’ll be nice, I think, to participate in some similar traditions.

Now, to spend over four hours in the car! Happy nog drinking and all that, y’all.


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