364 days until Christmas

I went to Pittsburgh to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. The drive there is pretty awful if you take Route 30 most of the way, I discovered–four-plus hours, generally not much to look at except tiny towns with a few rundown houses and always some kind of auto shop, and then a bar every ten miles or so with parking lots full of pickup trucks. Made me almost desperate to get to the city. I can’t imagine growing up in a place where there was only one restaurant, one gas station, one stoplight–having options, like multiple cuisines, activities, even routes home, is a necessity for me.

Christmas itself was pretty nice. I actually enjoyed giving gifts–when you feel like you really nailed one, it’s fun to watch the giftee’s reaction. Boyfriend’s family definitely has different traditions than the ones I’m used to, but they made me feel welcome. I have to say that I’m glad I’m back in my own space, sleeping in my own bed, with my own cats. In fact, I’m wishing I was back in bed right now…could really use a nap.

Maybe there’ll be discounted egg nog at the grocery store tonight.


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