Happy hour at home

Hey everyone. (Really, no one, but whatever.) I kind of forgot about this blog, or when I remembered it, I actually had work to do, or I was in the middle of reading a good book online at work. (Public library e-books are my greatest recent discovery.)

But here we are!

I’m instituting happy hours at home. K is trying to save money, because his car got totaled and the insurance gave him enough money for half of a down payment. So that means a lot fewer burgers at HamTav and Thames Street Oyster House, and definitely less spontaneous “let’s get pizza” nights during the week. (That won’t keep us from going to Tokifact on Thursday, though.)

I’ve been having a glass of wine at night during the week. That’s been especially enjoyable when I went to class at Inline in the morning–those empty calories mean nothing! K and I both end up snacking before we eat a real meal after work, too. But it’s never anything particularly exciting. I had a few bites of leftover stir-fry last night, and K had his usual Tostitos lime chips and Safeway “fresh” salsa. It seems way fancier and less depressing to intentionally make little bites before we actually have dinner. Kind of like going to happy hour, but we can wear whatever we want and no credit card swiping is required. Plus no alcoholic drink mark-up.

What kinds of snacks should I make? I’m in need of some recipes, you guys.


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