on dating and on love

on dating and on love

Kelton at Date by Numbers did it again. She managed to write a post that made me think. And she gave me some real-life perspective that actually applies to my life.

This one: The more you need to ask for advice about someone, the more likely it is you shouldn’t be dating them.
It’s the follow-your-gut one, but I always need the reminder. If you’re not sure about it, it’s probably not working.

Do not spend all day texting/G-chatting.
Yes. Yes yes yes. Save all your fun news for later!

Your boyfriend and your best friend should be two separate people. For your sanity and his.
This isn’t for every relationship, but it is for mine. I’d like to tweak it–you should have another best friend that ISN’T your boyfriend.

Fights are not multi-media or multi-topic. Talk about the problem at hand and not anything else.
I totally want to use this: “Objection! Leading the witness into a different issue that can be addressed at a later date but not right now!” I mean, I’d rather NOT fight, but it’s gonna happen.

Comfortable is not the same as boring and passionate is not the same as good.
“Relationships and occupations ebb and flow and between highs and lows there are plateaus of living your life, of day in and day out, sunrise to sunset of paying bills and buying groceries, good outfits and bad hair days, and the quiet lull of being an animal living its life. And sometimes, when for the seemingly umpteenth time you come home and watch TV with your honey and think, ‘our relationship is so boring,’ consider that they might be thinking the same thing and maybe it’s on you to say, ‘want to go for a walk and grab a beer?'”


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