Internet Dating

Let me just say that I am generally of fan of Internet dating–I met two totally normal boyfriends through it.

However, I have forgotten how many boring, cookie-cutter, and just plain WEIRD people there are out there. So many people use the same basic formula to create their profiles: photo with group of friends–people like me!, photo with small child–I’m sensitive and may possibly want to continue my lineage with you!, photo with cat or dog–I’m a regular guy who likes living things!, adventure photo–I’m not boring!, photo at a wedding–people like me enough to invite them to their important events and I’m not scared of commitment!

I think my favorite pictures are the shirtless ones and the work head shots. And the people who post selfies with microwaves and towel bars in the background. Because if it’s one thing I’m looking for in a guy, it’s that he can heat up a meal, or that he has the ability to hang up his towel so it doesn’t get moldy.

And the descriptions people write: “I don’t know what to say here haha.” “I’m terrible when it comes to talking about myself lol.” “I like to go out, but I can stay in too :).” GET A PERSONALITY OR GET OFF THE INTERNET.

I’m looking forward to going on dates again, but here’s hoping that there’s actually anyone I want to go out with.


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