We’re going to Portland!

Just bought our plane tickets. (They were more than I hoped to spend, but probably about average, especially since we’re going over spring break.) April 14-20. Ask about our elaborate restaurant and bar spreadsheet if you want your mind blown.



Planning for Portland

Boyfriend teaches high school, which means he gets a spring break. We decided we wanted to take a trip, and we settled on Portland, OR. Chicago and Austin were options, as we would consider moving there in a few years, but we’ve both been to Chicago, and I’ve been to Austin.

My boyfriend is nothing if not obsessed with rankings and statistics. He spends hours creating detailed spreadsheets about his finances, beer rankings, his students’ performance. He created an elaborate spreadsheet for our trip to Portland–restaurants, bars, breweries. He’s done so much research already, even though we haven’t decided on exact dates. We won’t even buy tickets until February.

We’re each giving restaurants on the list a score of 1-4, 1 being not interested, 4 being must visit. We’re listing which have happy hours, and if those happy hour menus look good, in case we have too many restaurants we want to go to (already happening). Lunches, too, so we can save the dinner-only places for dinner.

We’re also planning to rent a car one day and head over to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and we’ll get to see a lot of the beautiful Oregon coast and forests. He says there’s a brewery and restaurant in Corvallis that we could get to. My aunt, uncle, and cousins live in Eugene, and I’m hoping I get to see them during the trip, maybe in Corvallis.

Anywhere that’s a MUST VISIT that we need to add to our spreadsheet?

So far, my top choices are Ox, Smallwares (late-night happy hour), Ken’s Artisan Pizza, Tasty N Sons, Screen Door, Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty, Blue Star Donuts, Clyde Common, Salt and Straw, Lardo, and Olympic Provisions. We’re definitely going to Hair of the Dog, and the distillery tour seems fun. Pok Pok if we can get there.